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the next step in cultural evolution


is a landless, proto-state that provides your digital extended presence (EP) with citizenship, security, and essential services in a permanent home.


The state exists in its interim form as a

US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


*** White Paper (exec summary) ***

A n k state

The extended presence


As a modern individual, you are composed of two intimately connected but materially distinct parts:


1) your traditional bodily presence, and

2) your technology-enabled digital extended presence (EP)

A new kind of state


As your digital EP becomes an integral part of who you are and what you do, it is developing needs that parallel your traditional ones—including the need for recognition, protection, and many of the vital services that only citizenship of a well-functioning state can provide.


Corporations and nation-states have structures and purposes that are fundamentally incompatible with your EP’s comprehensive needs.


Therefore, your EP needs to be accommodated, protected, and fostered within a new kind of state.

The extended presence
A n k citizen

A new kind of citizen


In order to provide your EP with rights and services, and allow it to develop its full potential, it needs to be incorporated into a clearly identifiable whole. (You can't protect, serve, or empower that which you are unable to identify.)


Since it is not properly described by preexisting terminology, we call the resultant aggregate of your EP, together with its rights and abilities, a humem.


Only once your humem is formally recognized as a citizen, in a state adapted to its needs and dedicated to its welfare, can it flourish and attain the comprehensive rights and services that it requires.

Individuals and society


Dual citizenship in the nation-state and humem-state, each addressing the respective needs and disparate lifespans of the individual’s complementary parts. Immediate and ongoing humem-state applications include:


  • Data peace-of-mind: expert-managed, lifelong and beyond, personal data platform. (e.g. aggregation, storage, security, privacy, maintenance, and self-monetization.)


  • Enduring personal presence. (e.g. perpetual access, legacy, genealogy, family health, after-life agency and philanthropy.)


  • Opt-in with trusted anonymization for large-scale medical, social, and historical research.

Ben for individuals
Investors and entrepreneurs

Investors and entrepreneurs


The humem-state establishes an entirely new species of economically empowered consumers and producers—resulting in a vast, and continuously growing, emerging market.


Humem citizens require a spectrum of services and products comparable in scope to those of traditional nation-state citizens, ranging from the integration of existing technologies to a multitude of new innovations inspired by humems' emerging needs.

  • White Paper / Exec Summary
    So, you find this home page a bit too vague but you don't have the time for a long read. Then how about about a 5-minute preview (white paper) of one of the greatest endeavors of our time?
  • Contact Us
    Ways of contacting the Humem State Foundation.
  • FAQ
    For a first time visitor, the Humem State's homepage raises more questions than it answers. See the FAQ page for responses to some common initial questions.
  • The Book
    The book, The Humem State: The Emergence and Establishment of our Extended Presence, by Alan Brook, provides an in-depth examination of the emergence of the extended presence, its need for formal recognition and rights, and the requisite attributes of its hosting environment—the humem-state.   SF Book Review   Kirkus Review
  • Overview
    The Overview section provides a broader perspective of the needs and motivations for a humem-state and why existing nation-states are ill-suited to fulfill this role. It includes a glossary of the basic humem terminology and ways of contacting the Humem State Foundation
  • Policy
    The Policy section describes the Humem State's basic principles on the backdrop of humem rights and presents an outline of the Humem State's constitution. It introduces the concept of how the Humem State can be established as an offshoot of an existing nation-state and regarded as a colony or protectorate of the "mother" state.
  • Services
    The Services section discusses a number of basic services that the humem-state will provide for early humems, such as data aggregation, security, growth, and maintenance, while establishing an infrastructure for people's "lifelong and beyond" data needs.
  • Culture
    The Culture section introduces some of the many benefits and applications that the humem system can produce for individuals and society.
  • Economy
    The Economy section describes humems' and the Humem State's basic economic attributes and suggests the enormous economic opportunities presented by these emerging systems.
  • Terminology
    New things sometimes need new words. The Terminology page lists some of the basic terms that we'll be using in our portrayal of the humem system.
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