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How can we ensure that our personal data and its related applications grow, advance, and become an integral extension of our minds, memories, and personalities—without surrendering some of our most fundamental rights and freedoms?


How can we establish these outgrowths of our characters in a safe and nurturing environment for our lifelong use, and allow them, in accordance with our wishes, to benefit and interact with our families and society in perpetuity?


How can this novel environment—the humem-state—be imminently created within existing cultural, technological, financial, and judicial frameworks?


These are some of the questions that the Humem State Foundation resolves. This section discusses these issues in more depth.


For the uninitiated, the concept of consolidations of our extended presence (EP) as humems in a humem-state might at first seem unnecessary or extreme. However, once we realize that the modern individual is increasingly composed of two vital, intimately connected, but quite distinct parts—the bodily presence and the technology-enabled extended presence—the need for systems to nurture and safeguard them both becomes apparent.


Even though the physical properties of these two constituents of the modern individual are very different, they have analogous requirements for their security, health, and residence, in environments that provide essential infrastructure and ensure their welfare. Because of recent transformations in technology, many of our outward appearances, and the mechanisms governing our presence in the world, are new. But individuals’ needs and aspirations, and the underlying issues relating to the protection of individual rights, remain mostly unchanged.


Since humems are natural extensions of people and, in many ways, the humem-state is a natural outgrowth of the nation-state, many of their attributes are recognizable to us as citizens of nation-states. Once we grasp the humem-state’s basic precepts and conceptually apply them to the real events playing out around us, a familiar picture begins to appear. Then the idea of establishing citizen-like entities (humems), each encompassing an individual’s digital extended presence, within a dedicated state environment (the humem-state), becomes much more intuitive and emerges as the natural and almost obvious way of establishing our extended presences.

Describes the current condition of our extended presences and summarizes the needs and justifications for citizen-like humems in a humem-state.

Provides a concise but fairly comprehensive preview of the Humem State. If you have only 5-10 minutes to grasp the big picture, this is what you should read.

Lists some of the basic terms that we'll be using in our portrayal of the humem system.

Information about us, and ways of contacting the Humem State Foundation. 

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