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A sustainable and thriving economy is as essential for the well-being of humems as for their human counterparts (alpha-people).


In their early stages, humems can be supported and subsidized by their alpha-people, or by other benefactors, but eventually they will need economic independence in order to achieve more enduring aspirations—especially those that extend beyond the lifespan of their alpha-humans.


Since the humems are an extension and a mirror of their alpha-people, humems’ economic activities will increasingly merge with those of their human originators.


Numerous commercial companies are already demonstrating the intrinsic dynamic economic value of the common humem. Some of the world’s most valuable online companies are already deriving immense value from their collections of subscribers’ data and associated applications—the subscribers’ proto-humems.


Nation-states can clearly benefit by hosting humem-states. Humem-states will be affluent and insatiable consumers of technology and related services, many of which will be supplied by corporations within people-states. They will employ people both directly and indirectly, irrespective of location or nationality.


Moreover, they will require energy and other commodities, all of which they will purchase from providers within people-states. These many and varied needs are a huge opportunity for nation-states and businesses.


The benefits are mutual: once people and corporations discover and begin to exploit the myriad possibilities presented by the humem-state, the prospects for humemity will become much more secure.

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