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The Dual World Model of the Modern Individual

The modern individual is composed of two intricately linked but fundamentally different parts: the traditional bodily presence (BP) and the technological extended presence (EP).


Each of these parts needs to exist in a governed entity, or state, that recognizes and ensures its rights, and provides the infrastructure and services that it requires.


Accordingly, the modern individual can be seen as existing in two separate domains and holding a new form of dual-citizenship—with one citizenship in the nation-state and the other in the humem-state.


In this dual world existence, each of these citizenships manifests complementary facets of the whole individual, yet they are formally distinct and independent. In particular, when the national-citizenship terminates with the death of the person, the humem-citizenship continues indefinitely in the form of an ancestral humem.


A humem-state existing in conjunction with a nation-state creates the essential foundation for our emerging culture, in which the union of each person and their humem constitutes the fundamental unit of society.


Below is a schematic timeline depicting this Dual World model of the modern individual.

The Alpha-Individual
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