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Who We Are?

The humem-state, like an advanced nation-state, will ultimately be composed of and directed by the aggregate of its individual citizens. It is up to us to determine the character and destiny of our extended presences.

However, like an early nation-state, it will take some time for the humem institution to be established in a way that allows its general citizenry to fully participate in defining its policy and actions. Until then, an assembly of founders—as a form of interim government—will administer the humem-state. This body will establish the basic systems and guidelines to allow the humem-state to develop into an institution dedicated to humem needs that will parallel and complement the traditional functions of nation-states.

Alan Brook, the author of the book The Humem State: The Emergence and Establishment of Our Extended Presence, is the founder of the Humem State Foundation. Its initial, U.S.-based structure has been designed by a multidisciplinary team of technologists and legal and financial experts.


As the humem-state grows, it will encompass the efforts of a broad range of people and organizations.


If you are passionate about regaining the control and ownership of your extended presence, and interested in how you might take part in one of the greatest endeavors of our time, please contact us by using the form below or via email at

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