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We need a coherent terminology to properly discuss the humem system. As is true for language in general, these terms will develop naturally as more people start thinking and talking about these concepts. For now, we will adopt some of the basic terms proposed in The Humem State: The Emergence and Establishment of Our Extended Presence, by Alan Brook, to facilitate our initial discussion.

Extended presence (EP):

One’s imprint, or influences, on the world exterior to one’s body. Presently, this is increasingly formed from one’s mass of digital data.


The aggregate of one’s EP together with its dynamics. The product of the coalescence of an individual’s EP and the capabilities of the resulting whole. (Akin to the definition of a person, the definition of a humem is fluid and strongly dependent on the context of its use.)


The couple, or association, formed by a person and their personal humem.

Alpha relationship:

The relationship between a person and their personal humem—the bond between the alpha-pair.


The human member of the alpha-pair.


The humem member of the alpha-pair.


The conception of a single whole being, or individual, formed from a person and their alpha-humem. The underlying entity that gives rise to the expressions of the members of an alpha-pair.

Ancestral humem:

A humem whose corresponding person has died. An alpha-humem whose alpha-person has died.


The collective of all humems and their institutions. The humem counterpart of humanity.


An environment containing humems, a humem administration, and humem institutions. The humem counterpart of a nation-state.


A humem governing institution. A humem-state’s administration.


A humem’s formalized status as a member of a humem-state. The humem counterpart of a nation-state citizen.


Describing an entity that, as a whole, cannot practically be assigned a geographical position at any time.


A consolidation of EP that possesses several humem attributes but is not a comprehensive or formally recognized aggregation of an individual’s EP. An early humem.


An early form of humem-state that does not possess the full authority, autonomy, and capabilities of an advanced humem-state.

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For brevity, we can use the term alpha to designate the counterpart in the alpha relationship, whether it is the person or humem. This convention is similar to the use of the words “partner” and “spouse,” i.e., the person’s alpha is their corresponding humem, and humem’s alpha is its corresponding person.

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