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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's in it for me?

Why do our EPs require citizen-like rights?

Why do I need a humem?

Why should the humem habitat be regarded as a state and not just an institution or organization within an existing nation-state?

Why can’t existing nation-states adapt to the needs of humems, thereby removing the need for a humem-state?

How can the person and humem be formally separate and still intimately connected?

Does the Humem State Foundation have any inherent political or religious affiliations?

Is the humem-state currently feasible?

What are the immediate practical benefits?

Current states and governments increasingly exploit our personal data and violate our privacies. How will the humem-state be any different?

Is a humem just a collection of digital data?

How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) relate to humems?

Can a humem be regarded as a kind of avatar or robot emulating a person?

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