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What's in it for Me?

How you benefit, in a nutshell:


Recognition: The humem-state provides a dedicated environment in which you can establish the aggregate of your digital data and applications (digital EP) into a dynamic, self-sustaining, and lasting body—your personal humem.


Peace of Mind: Like a good nation-state, the humem-state takes care of the things that you cannot efficiently provide on your own, including security, infrastructure, and other essential services. The humem-state will function as your independent, expert-driven, personal data manager for the duration of your life and beyond.


Empowerment: By continuously evaluating, certifying, and integrating commercially provided, best-in-class technologies and services, the humem-state enables your humem to grow its internal structure and interconnections, and come “alive” in ways that we are only starting to imagine today.


Self-determination: As the humem-state develops and provides broader rights and improved services to your humem, you will steadily regain the control, ownership, and privacy of your digital EP, and benefit directly from the economic value that it generates.


Stake in the future: Via your humem you gain a tangible, personal stake in the future—a foothold in a new domain whose astounding possibilities are just beginning to unfold.


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